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Common IRC
RFCs: RFC 1459 - Old document by J.Oikarinen (1993)
RFC 2810 - Architecture
RFC 2811 - Channel management
RFC 2812 - Client protocol
RFC 2813 - Server protocol
RFC 1413 - Ident protocol
Comments on RFC
IRC daemon related: General FAQ list
Installing IRCd
Installing IRCd (Jarkko Oikarinen)
include/config.h (Copyright (C) 1990 Jarkko Oikarinen)
TS vs Delay comparison (Kalt)
IRC for the beginners: IRC tutorial
QUIT messages overview
Unofficial FAQ list of #IRChelp channel at EFNet
IRC related tutorials: Advanced IRC command reference
CTCP and DCC overview
Kill notice description
IRC operators guide
IRC operators guide for the dancer IRC server (Andrew Suffield)
Users guide for the dancer IRC server (Andrew Suffield)
Channel operators guide
IRC security for newbies
Statistics: RusNet servers statistics (MRTG)
RusNet map (graphics)
RusNet map (text)
Servers rating
RusNet for the beginners: RusNet F.A.Q. (Russian)
Common subjects: EFNet FAQ
Hybrid ircd features for opers
The Channel TS zero problem
EFNet channel fixer proposal
What can and what can not do opers@EFNet
EFNet irc opers guide
Hybrid v.6
Hybrid v.7 installation
EFNet: desyncs answers
Running IRC server FAQ
Is it all dying?
Common subjects: Undernet FAQ
Undernet FAQ-2
Undernet most frequently asked questions
Undernet ircd configuration
Opers manual
Undernet IRC opers FAQ
Undernet chanops guide
Undernet history
General: Protocol description
IRC services command reference (Andrew Church)
GNUWorld services: Home page
Cygnus (ex Wrecked) services: Cygnus home
OperStats project
Wrecked project (don't use it)
IRC client related: The client-to-client protocol (CTCP)
Direct client connection protocol (DCC)
New to IRC? Learn it with ircII
ircII tutorial
webTV and IRC
How to protect your client from flood
Unix and internet related: Brief Unix reference for beginners
Linux FAQ
FAQ list of #hack channel@EFNet (This will not make you a hacker :))
Complete Texinfo documentation
Bison (YACC) documentation
Current TCP/UDP port allocations
IRC related: IRC networks and server lists
TAO of IRC :)
Again about channel services...
IRC everywhere
For takeover victims
/ALIAS command tutorial by #irchelp@EFNet
Protocol related: 005 numeric (RPL_ISUPPORT)
UMODE overview for major networks
Server numerics
Links: IRC related general
Linux IRC channels over the world

lembit#perl: it's hard to keep a good man down.
qw[jeff]#perl: but only the good die young!

IRC daemon software: Hybrid IRC server (EFNet)
Classic IRCd (IRCNet)
IRCu daemon (Undernet)
IRC client software: Blackened (powerfull EFNet oper client)
IRC services software: GNUWorld IRC services (for Undernet)
IRC services (Andrews Church)
OOMon daemon for EFNet
TCM for EFNet
Cygnus IRC services 0.2.0
Wrecked IRC services 1.2.0
Misc IRC: You may freely compile each, but don't use if you are not sure what it is for.

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