1.2. Open Projects Philosophy

The dancer IRC server was written for the Open Projects Network, and designed with OPN philosophy in mind. As such, it may have features which are at odds with other networks and their philosophies.

The Open Projects Net philosophy has several components. OPN exists to provide interactive services to projects and groups involved with "Open Source, Open Technology and Open Information." We work to provide an interaction environment in which free software community members can improve their skills in the areas of communication and coordination of effort. We also try to provide an environment which serves to introduce new participants to the free software community.

1.2.1. Principals

The basic principles of OPN are:

1.2.2. Practicalities

The OPN IRC network provides a controlled environment in which open projects can communicate between developers and users. To this end, OPN is centrally maintained, and operators are expected to try and resolve situations without actually exercising their power when possible. They are also expected to stay out of channel politics and arguments, so don't bother asking them to intervene if you disagree with the people who run a channel. They won't.

OPN runs a full services implementation, which allows nicks and channels to be registered and protected by the server, thusly making channel takeovers largely impossible, while maintaining a consistant interface for channels to be managed.

If an individual has somehow gained ops on a channel, then the channel founder, or people with an appropriate level of access, can handle it themselves with chanserv; refer to the dancer users guide for details. If somebody has managed to take founder access (by guessing the founder password, or whatever), then the original founder should come to channel #openprojects ASAP so that the situation can be resolved.