Chapter 3. Users and umodes

User modes (umodes) are set with the MODE command, in most clients either "/umode +i" or "/mode mynick +i". Here is a list of the ones which are available for general use:

+i (invisible)

This prevents you from appearing in global WHO/WHOIS by normal users, and hides which channels you are on. It is strongly recommended that you set this umode.

+w (see wallops)

This umode lets you see the wallops announcement system. Important network messages will be sent out via global notices; this is only for individual channel announcements and anything else the network staff feel like saying to the world in general ("moo!").

+I (block invite)

This umode prevents anybody from inviting you to a channel. It effectively limits you to public channels or to those you are on the invex lists for. (It can safely be used to block somebody who is invite flooding)

+E (block unidentified)

This umode prevents people who have not identified with nickserv from sending you private messages (they will be told their messages are bouncing).

+C (block CTCP)

This umode prevents you from receiving CTCP messages or sending CTCP replies. This will stop anybody from CTCP flooding you. Note that this only affects CTCP messages/replies to/from *you*; it won't stop you receiving channel CTCP, although it will block your response to them.

Note that this will interfere with CTCP ACTION messages (/me), so it is not recommended it be used unless absolutely necessary.