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Selected networks serving a special subject matter or interest

updated Mar 15, 2003
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You can often find channels devoted to every conceivable subject on the popular nets, but with that comes the hassles of those large nets too. Some groups have set up specialized chat servers or networks dedicated to a special subject of interest. Here are some of them, loosely grouped by subject. Note that some subjects may not be appropriate for all people. Many are web-based chats (not strictly IRC) or standalone servers.



Freenode Interactive environment for coordination and support of peer-directed projects, including free software and open source. (See full description in popular nets.)
AmigaNet Formally "Anet", they are Amiga-friendly but not limited to just that.

Kids and Education

Kidlink IRC For kids up to age 15 and educators with 'classrooms' in various languages. Requires registration prior to using, chat is monitored.
ScoutLink Scouts in various parts of the world have set up an IRC network for meetings in various languages. There is also a link from within this network to scouting channels all over IRC.
CyberEd Dedicated to the use of IRC for educational purposes, hosting educational events and discussions as well as classrooms on internet-related topics.
Kidsworld Friendly network dedicated to providing a secure environment for kids without being too restrictive.


QuakeNet Network formerly for mainly European addicts of the multi-player game, it has since grown into the largest IRC network in the world! (See full description in popular nets.)

Arts and Literature

SciFi The SciFi TV channel caters to science fiction and fantasy, this chat server hosts chats with stars from the shows.


EqNET All things equestrian (about horses, that is). Regular and special events. Main channel is #equestrian.
I.I.G.S. IRC Genealogists worldwide unite!
BDSMnet Network for adults who are interested in discussions and play in all forms of sexuality. (No, it's not a porn trading post.)
StonerNET "Our goal is to unite the stoners around the world in order to bring an end to the prohibition of cannabis."

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