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General Commands

Table: General commands 

/NICK [<nickname>]   NICK 
Changes your nickname to whatever you like.

Everyone who wants to talk to you sees this name --- also, at the moment, nicknames are limited to 9 characters max. Your nickname will be the same as your login by default. You can also set an environment variable, IRCNICK, the value of which will be used instead. Nickname clashes are not allowed; this is enforced by the servers. If your intended nickname clashes with someone else's as you enter IRC , you will not be able to enter until you change it to something else.

/NICK Nappy
*** Nap is now known as Nappy

/QUIT [<reason>]   QUIT       
Exits your IRC session. You can also use BYE, SIGNOFF and EXIT. If a reason is supplied, it is displayed to other people on your channels.

/QUIT Lunch time!
poly ~ >

/HELP [<command>]   HELP 
Shows help on the given command.

Usage: HELP [command]
  Shows help on the given command.  The help documentation is 
  set up in a hierarchical fashion.  That means that certain
  help topics have sub-topics under them.
[boring stuff deleted]

/WHOIS [[<server>] <nickname>]   WHOIS 
Shows information about someone.

*** Nap is (Klein bottle for sale...
   inquire within.)
*** on channels: @#Twilight_Zone @#EU-Opers 
*** on irc via server (Ecole Polytechnique, Paris,
   FRANCE !)
*** Nap has a connection to the twilight zone (is an IRC operator)
*** Nap has been idle 0 seconds

/WHOIS Nappy
*** Nappy: No such nickname

Sometimes WHOIS won't help you much, because the person you want to know more about just left IRC or changed nick. However, you can use WHOWAS to get this information for a while:

/WHOWAS [[<server>] <nickname>]   WHOWAS 
Shows information about who used the given nickname last, even if no one is currently using it.

*** Nappy was (Artistic ventures highlighted.
   Rob a museum.) on channel *private*
*** on irc via server (Signoff: Mon Jun 22 20:15:23)

Very often, an unsuccessful call to WHOIS will lead you to try WHOWAS. That's why ircII allows you to `` /SET AUTO_WHOWAS ON'' ; that way, a `` *** <nickname>: No such nickname'' message will automagically generate a `` /WHOWAS <nickname>''. Try typing `` /HELP SET AUTO_WHOWAS'' for more information on this topic.

/AWAY [<away message>]   AWAY 
Leave a message explaining that you are not currently paying attention to IRC . Whenever someone sends you a MSG or does a WHOIS on you, they automatically see whatever message you set. Using AWAY with no parameters marks you as no longer being away.

/AWAY Gone to get a cup of coffee!
*** You have been marked as being away

*** You are no longer marked as being away

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Nikos Drakos
Thu Jan 12 11:58:54 GMT 1995