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Network Related Commands

If you encounter any problem, contact your local IRC-Administrator   or an IRC-Operator  . An IRC -Admin is a person who has access to all files concerning ircd (the server program). An IRC -Operator or `` IRC -op'' is a person who has privileges given to him by an IRC -Admin and tries to maintain a fast reliable IRC network. Information on how you can find out who he/she is, can be found below.

Each time you are prompted for a server name, remember you can supply the nickname of someone being connected on that server instead. This may be useful at times...

Table: Network related commands   

/ADMIN [<server>]   ADMIN 
Displays the administrative details about the given server. If no server is supplied, the server you are connected to is used.

### Administrative info about
### Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, FRANCE
### IRC-Administrator Nicolas PIOCH (Nap@IRC)
### <>

/LINKS [[<server>] <wildcard expression>]   LINKS 
Shows a list of servers currently connected to the IRC network. If <wildcard expression> is given, /LINKS asks the given <server> for a list of servers matching the given expressiongif.

/LINKS *po*
***  7 Cupertino California, USA
*** poe.acc.Virginia.EDU  6 University of Virginia 2.7.1f
***        9 University of Turku, Finland
*** 6 Columbia University, New York City
***     4 POSTECH Computer Science Dept.
***  2 Polytechnic of Milan, Italy
*** 0 Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, FRANCE !

/SERVER [<server>|<server number> [<port number>]]   SERVER 
Switches your primary server to the supplied <server> at the specified <port number>. If no port nunmber is given, the default port number is used (normally 6667).

/SERVER 6667
*** Connecting to port 6667 of server
*** Welcome to the Internet Relay Network, Nap
*** Your host is, running version 2.7.2g.Nap+6(privacy)
*** This server was created Sat Jan 16 1993 at 12:16:10 MET

Occasionally, you can switch servers faster than the IRC network can send out the information that you have left your previous server. So don't be surprised if you are told your nickname is already in use... just wait a moment and set it with /NICK again.

/MOTD [<server>]  MOTD 
Gives the Message-Of-The-Day for the named server. If no server is given, your server is used.

MOTD - Message of the Day - 
MOTD -   _____________________________________
MOTD -  /\                                    \
MOTD -  \_|      Bienvenue sur le serveur      |
MOTD -    |         Internet Relay Chat        |
MOTD -    |  de l'Ecole Polytechnique, FRANCE  |_
MOTD -    |   _________________________________|__
MOTD -     \_/___________________________________/
MOTD -        |    |    |      En cas de probleme,
MOTD -       )_)  )_)  )_)            tapez /admin
MOTD -      )___))___))___)\
MOTD -     )____)____)_____)\\        Nicolas PIOCH
MOTD -   _____|____|____|____\\ \__     Nap sur IRC
MOTD - --\  Welcome on IRC !  /---------
MOTD -   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^
* End of /MOTD command.

/USERS [<server>]   USERS 
Shows the users logged into the machine where the server is runninggif.

*** UserID   Terminal  Host
*** pioch    ttyp9     rotule.polytechn
*** pioch    ttypc     rotule.polytechn
*** pioch    ttyq0     rotule.polytechn
*** pioch    ttyq1     rotule.polytechn

/DATE [<server>]  DATE 
/TIME [<server>]   TIME 
Shows the current time of day and date. If a server is specified, the time of day and date are reported from that server. DATE and TIME are identical.

*** Saturday June 20 1992 -- 02: 35 +01:00

/LUSERS [<wildcard expression> [<server>]]   LUSERS 
Gives a brief listing of the number of servers, operators and users matching the given <wildcard expression>, as seen from the specified <server>.

*** There are 1008 users and 291 invisible on 135 servers
*** 72 users have connection to the twilight zone
*** There are 458 channels.
*** I have 16 clients and 4 servers
*** 22 maximum connections, 19 clients

/TRACE [<server>]   TRACE 
Shows the server connections of the given server.

*** Serv Class[9] ==> 134S 1331C[]
*** Serv Class[8] ==> 1S 6C Julia.Enst.FR
*** Serv Class[8] ==> 1S 6C Eurecom8.Cica.FR[]
*** Serv Class[1] ==> 2S 0C[]
*** Serv Class[8] ==> 1S 5C[]
*** Serv Class[8] ==> 1S 0C
*** Class 0 Entries linked: 16
*** Class 9 Entries linked: 1
*** Class 8 Entries linked: 4
*** Class 1 Entries linked: 1

/STATS c|i|k|l|m|u|y [<server>]   STATS 
Shows some irc server usage statistics.

*** Server Up 12 days, 12:28:44

/INFO [<server>]  INFO 
Shows information about the IRC creators, debuggers, slaves and a lot of other people who no longer have much to do with IRC .

/VERSION [<server>]   VERSION 
Shows the ircII version number and the version number of the server.

*** Client: ircII 2.2
*** Server PoLy.PoLyTeChNiQuE.Fr: ircd 2.7.2g.Nap+6(privacy).

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