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About KILL usage

KILL  is a command restricted to IRC -Operators to deal with protocol errors heavily reducing the IRC network functionality. It's to be used with extreme caution, if at all.

If you op someone on a channel, you take the consequences. If someone joins #whatever, you op them, then they kick everyone and lock the channel with some `` Mode change +ib *!*@*'', then suffer it: it's your fault, don't go whining to an IRC -Op to fix it. If a channel is locked, you should start a new one.   

Effective methods to deal with obnoxious people are IGNORE, KICK and various MODE's on channels, such as +i and +b.

If you have been abusively killed by an IRC -Operator,  abusing his power to gain illegal channel-operator status for instance, yell! Mail a log to his server IRC -Administrator (see ADMIN), join #Twilight_Zone, or #Eu-Opers for European-related problems, and explain what happened.

Nikos Drakos
Thu Jan 12 11:58:54 GMT 1995