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Where can I find more ?

Should your question not be listed above, you may want to check the ``Frequently Unasked Questions''  (FUQ) list, which will be shipping real soon now, featuring replies to:

<lamer1> Are there any good FTP sites ?gif
<lamer2> How do I join a channel ?
<lamer3> How do I become an IRCop ?

If you have access to Usenet News, (usually through a program called rn, nn, trn or xrn), you may want to join alt.irc debates, flamings and whinings.  

Table: IRC related mailing lists     

You can also join various IRC related mailing lists. `` Operlist'' discusses current (and past) server code, routing, and protocol. Mail to join. Another mailing list, exists to discuss protocol revisions for the 3.0 release of ircd, currently in planning. Mail to be added to that. There are also low-traffic mailing-lists for ircII , vmsirc and irchat clients.

Nikos Drakos
Thu Jan 12 11:58:54 GMT 1995