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Screen and Keyboard Activity

IRC is a full-screen utility. It takes over the screen, with the bulk of activity happening in the top (N-2) lines, a status line (vaguely emacs-like) on the next to last line, and your input being entered on the last line. When typing commands at ircII , you have a minimalist line-editing facility in an emacs style.

Table: Editing keys 

The ! command is used to recall previous commands in your command history for re-execution. The ! command is unique in that when it is used, it leaves the matching history entry in the input line for re-editting. You can specify a history entry either by its number in the history list, or by a match with a given wildcard expression. For instance, `` /!10'' will put entry 10 in the history list into the input line. `` /!/MSG'' will search the history list for a line beginning with /MSG (a `` *'' is implied at the end).

/! [<history number>|<history match>]gif   ! 
Recalls previous commands for re-editing.

Table: Editing commands  

The command history can be dumped using:

/HISTORY [<number>]   HISTORY 
Displays the command history to the screen. You can specify the number of history entries you wish to view as well.

Almost everything happens in the upper bulk of the screen. This includes both messages from other users, as well as the output of the control commands. Normal messages from other users appear with the originating nickname in <angle brackets>. Private messages arrive with the originating nickname in *asterisks*. Messages you send to everyone appear with a preceding `` > '' whereas messages you send privately to another user appear with `` -> *nickname*''. Other output (invitations from other users to join channels, and so forth) appears interspersed with other activity on the screen.

Table: Simple screen activity 

Last ircII outputs can be recalled with:

/LASTLOG [<number of entries>|<text> [<from entry>]]   LASTLOG 
Displays the contents of the lastlog. This is a list of the most recent messages that have appeared on the screen, useful if you inadvertantly miss messages. If no arguments are given, the entire lastlog is displayed. If the first argument is a number, it determines how many log entries to show. Otherwise it is searched for in every lastlog entry. The second argument determines how many lines back to start display from.

> Public message I send to all people in the channel
<some1else> Public message from some1else
*some1else* Private message sent to me by some1else
-> *some1else* Private message I send to some1else

Finally, if your screen gets garbage from a talk, write, wall or any other form of primitive communication (smirk), hit ^L to redraw it, or CLEAR it.

Clears the screen. Here are the effects of this command:

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Nikos Drakos
Thu Jan 12 11:58:54 GMT 1995